Me @ the Chesaw Rodeo — a favorite photo place

Ken Trimpe
Photographer | Videographer | Creative Director | Designer

Photography is something I’ve been doing, and loving, since college. I started out with an old Pentax camera that my sister inherited from our aunt and then gave to me for my birthday in my senior year of high school. As kids we would go to my aunt’s house to watch her slideshows whenever she returned from a trip — the West Coast (we lived in Ohio), Hawaii, New Orleans and many exotic places. I was fascinated with the images on the screen.

I was hooked!

I absolutely love taking photos — of almost anything, but nature and travel are my favorites. Most of my family & friends wouldn’t recognize me without a camera around my neck.

I work from my home office in Leavenworth, WA, but other than some studio work and computer time in Lightroom and Photoshop, my photography time is usually out of the office exploring and traveling.

My career background comes from working in large advertising agencies in Chicago and Seattle, as well as from running my own businesses, as an art director, creative director, producer, designer, and photographer.

I also have a video blog at DecanterBanter.com, featuring the people, places and events of the wine industry, as well as doing videos for company promotion and websites.